1 year ago

10 August, 2016

University of Melbourne, Old Arts

Organised by:
International Relations Society (MELBIRS)

Location: Theatre D, Old Arts
Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Speaker: Donald Betts, former Kansas State Senator.
With special guest speaker Ed O’Malley, former Kansas State Member of the House of Representatives

Topic: The Contest of Values in a Globalised World

With our United States Consulate visit coming up in Week 7, MIRS has invited former Kansas State Senator Donald Betts. He will speak about about the United State's values and understandings of their role as the 'leader of the West' and how these understandings are changing.

Ed (then 26) and Donald (then 24) served in the 'United States Kansas State House of Representatives' together with another group of young politicians, the youngest being 22. Together, they changed the landscape of Kansas with a much needed infusion of YOUTH. The group was coined the ‘Kiddie Caucus’. This bipartisan group of young leaders from different sides of the isle (Democratic and Republican) was able to champion such legislation as ‘Jessica’s Law’, SB 123 (rehabilitation instead of incarceration), and business initiatives to keep the Kansas aircraft industry booming.

MIRS will be having a social after the Speaker Session and everyone is welcome to come. Pop on by for the lecture, then have deep discussions about the intricacies of the United States and Globalisation there.

For more information about Donald, check out his Wikipedia page here: