2 years ago

6 April, 2016

180 Degrees Consulting - The University of Melbourne

Organised by:
180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting (Unimelb) are proud to present our very own Case Competition for 2016!

In partnership with Nous Group, we are inviting students from all disciplines to form a team of 2-3 people, and to challenge themselves to think like business consultants.

Team members must be current University of Melbourne students and can be from any discipline.

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN via this link: http://goo.gl/forms/wHEEIAAywF ---- and will close on Friday, April 15th at 11:59pm.

The competition will allow you to:
(i) Test your ability to apply business analysis and creatively solve a challenging case study,
(ii) Enhance your capability in developing and delivering business-related presentations,
(iii) Network with 180DC participants and Nous representatives.

The best part?

The winning team will receive a(n):
(i) Opportunity to undertake a streamlined application process for a Nous internship.

PLUS a choice of either:
(ii) Mentoring session with Nous consultant in Nous office on a topic of the team’s choice (previous topics have included: early career mentoring, real client project case studies, and advanced project management skills).


(iii) Networking dinner with Nous consultants (mix of 2-3 Principal, Senior Consultant and/or Consultant level) to share their experiences and career journey.



(i) Round One: Submitted responses (maximum 10 page pack) will be shortlisted by 180DC to a total of five teams.

Case released: 5pm Monday 18 April
Submission deadline: 5pm Friday 22 April

(ii) Round Two: 5 shortlisted teams will prepare a presentation based on their Round One submission for a panel at our Round Two event. The top team will proceed to the Grand Final.

Presentation: 4-6 May (TBA)

(iii) Round Three: Grand Finalists (The winners of Round 2 from Melbourne and Monash) will conduct a 10 minute presentation at the Grand Final at the Nous Group office, the winner will be determined by the panel members. The presentations will be followed by a networking social event.

Case released: 5pm Monday 9 May
Submission deadline: 5pm Friday 13 May
Presentation: 5:30pm Monday 16 May