2 years ago

26 May, 2016

Old Arts Lecture Theatre, Melbourne University

Organised by:
International Relations Society (MELBIRS)

Location: Old Arts, Threate A
Time: Thursday - 4:30 pm to 6.00 pm

Speaker: Peter McPhee, Professor of History

Topic: "Democratic" Revolutions during the Age of Reason

Professor McPhee has recently published his book 'Liberty or Death. The French Revolution' and will use this Speaking Session to discuss key themes and issues that are related to his book, as well as the impact of successful revolutions on democracy (and whether or not the revolutions in question can be considered diplomatic). He is currently an active researcher and teacher for the University of Melbourne and in previous years has held numerous high ranking positions including: President of the Academic Board, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Provost.

MIRS will be having a social after the Speaker Session and everyone is welcome to come. Pop on by for the lecture, then have deep discussions about the intricacies of the French Revolution there.

For more about the Drinks: https://www.facebook.com/events/1711764305779002/

Hope to see you there