2 years ago

21 May, 2016

Union House Theatre

Organised by:
Theatre Students Society

Macbeth AUDITIONS & PROD TEAM - We want you!
A 70 minute tale of murder, passion and ambition.
We are looking for actors, performers, musicians, percussionists, designers, assistant directors and technical people.

We want people of all backgrounds, cultural heritages, those who have performed Shakespeare, those who haven’t!
Don’t let the text scare you.

This will be an incredible opportunity to learn how to work with Shakespeare’s language and be involved in a production that is directed by UHT’s Artistic Director, Petra Kalive.

The production will have live percussion throughout – so if you’re a musician/percussionist sound expert come and talk to us.

There will be an intensive two weeks of part time rehearsals in the mid-year break and then evening and weekend rehearsals through Semester.

Production Sem 2 Weeks 8 & 9 - Guild Theatre.

AUDITIONS for performers held Sat 21st of May 10-12pm, Monday 23rd May 3-5pm (10 minute long auditions)

Email Petra at artistic@union.unimelb.edu.au to book a time for audition (and get the audition pack) or to arrange a time to discuss music, design and production.

Audition Info: goo.gl/7PxPHc