2 years ago

19 May, 2016

South Lawn

Organised by:
Arts Students Society (M-ASS)

Welcome to a whole new season of M-ASSTERCHEF. You all know how it goes - another barbecue featuring our delicious sausages and veggie burgers, as well as ciders, beers, and soft drinks. Except this time, with one little twist: All new contestants - our 2016/17 committee members!

Their names may not be as printed on the aprons, but the new committee invite you to come down and ask them about their culinary hopes, dreams and M-ASStermind plans to win... whilst enjoying the most gourmet barbecue on campus with meat (or veggie burgers if that’s what you’re into) that’s hotter and juicier than Matt Preston himself has ever tasted.

WHAT’S MORE, as part of our M-ASSive online take-over, we will be launching our new Snapchat at this week’s barbecue!

You will be able to add M-ASS on Snapchat with the username 'm-asschat'. Add us for a good time and to keep up with all our events and other shenanigans!