2 years ago

27 February, 2016

RMIT - Building 80.04.06

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Welcome home Summer exchange participants of 2015/2016!
We are holding a regional reintegration day where you'll meet all the other exchange participants who went on exchange in Summer 2015/2016 from Deakin, Melbourne, Monash, RMIT La Trobe and Swinburne. But don't fret, you can also bring a friend!

We'd love to hear your stories and help you reintegrate back to Australia as you may experience reverse culture shock. You'll learn how to integrate your learnings back into your community and understand the next steps you can take in your leadership development.
You'll also be getting your certificates!

Please fill out this form even if you cannot make it: http://bit.ly/1PCnYw6

The program starts at 12.59pm so please come 15 minutes before hand for registration.

We can't wait to see you there!
Love from the Regional Directors of Outgoing Exchange ♥