2 years ago

9 April, 2016

Guild Theatre

Organised by:
Theatre Students Society

PEST 16 Symposium – Piercing Examination of Student Theatre
Back to the Future

PEST16 will explore the place of student theatre in the lives of young university students, in the then and now.

Focusing primarily on the current climate and rich history of Melbourne’s student theatre scene, PEST16 aims to challenge and question how far student theatre has come, and how far it has to go.

Join us as we question and learn from contributors to the student theatre community from the last five decades, and draw on what we’ve learnt to improve student theatre in the future.

Panels include: Politics and Risk, Life After Student Theatre and How To Make Theatre When No One in the World Wants You To.

Panel presenters include: Candy Bowers, Adam Cass, Tim Stitz, Fregmonto Stokes, Josie Byrt, Elbow Room, Felix Ho, Piper Huynh, Clare Watson, Fleur Kilpatrick, John Paul Fischbach and Declan Greene...

Date: April 9, University of Melbourne, Guild Theatre
Time: 10am – 6pm
RSVP ESSENTIAL chook.as/uht/pest16
For enquiries contact pest16symposium@gmail.com

The lunchtime session for this event includes: Performing Shakespeare – a University of Melbourne Student Theatre Retrospective