3 years ago

29 July, 2015

Melbourne University Shakespeare Company (MUSC)

Organised by:
Melbourne University Shakespeare Company (MUSC)

MUSC is calling for auditions for their upcoming production of Kim Ho’s original work 'Athens Reborn', to be directed by Kate Weston. The production will run from the 6th to the 10th of October, 2015, with a matinee on Friday 9th.

We are looking for an ALL FEMALE CAST, to flip the Elizabethan tradition of exclusively male performers, and to make sure that our stage is a space for women. Because the classical Greek context calls for male characters, many of the roles will be performed in drag.*

Auditions will be held on the 29th, 30th and 31st of July, with callbacks on Sunday 2nd of August. Email athensreborn@gmail.com for an audition pack now!

‘Athens Reborn’ is a play that challenges the elements of misogyny in Shakespeare’s work, adopting the language and style of the Bard to tell a story that explicitly champions women. Set during the Thirty Tyrants' reign over Athens, we follow unlikely heroine Imogen as she restores democracy to her city and her people.

Auditionees are asked to prepare a short monologue of 1-2 minutes, preferably – but not necessarily – Shakespeare. Rehearsals will be 2-3 times a week, usually during the day in August, and in the evenings through September. They will be organised according to the availabilities of the cast.

Characters (some of which may be doubled):
Imogen: our heroine, passionate about equality, leader of the resistance against the Spartan tyrants
Lysias: a blacksmith and member of the resistance, bent on revenge after the tyrants execute his brother. Preferably a woman of colour.
Malena: Imogen’s mistress, who charts a path from frivolity to political agency
Slaythos: Lysias’ servant, a lascivious knave who aids his master’s quest for vengeance. Preferably a woman of colour.
Critias: our villain, the leader of the Spartan tyrants
Theramenes: a cunning and deceitful man who betrayed his Athenian brethren to become a tyrant
The Furies, Alecto, Tsiphone and Megaera: wrathful goddesses who avenge wronged women. Doubling as Waiting Women, members of Imogen’s resistance
Nerissa: Lysias’ messenger, who plays a crucial part in forming the resistance
Eratosthenes: a tyrant, comically stupid
Dracontides: an intelligent, cold-hearted tyrant
Miner: a slave who worked in the silver mines and led a failed revolt
Socrates: the philosopher, an elderly Fool

*We encourage any trans women or genderqueer performers to audition! The same goes for women of colour and women with a disability.