3 years ago

25 August, 2015

MSD - Melbourne School of Design

Organised by:
Melbourne University Shakespeare Company (MUSC)

‘Athens Reborn’ is a play that challenges the elements of misogyny in Shakespeare’s work, adopting the language and style of the Bard to tell a story that explicitly champions women. Set during the Thirty Tyrants' reign over Athens, we follow unlikely heroine Imogen as she restores democracy to her city and her people.

At Mudfest we’ll be showcasing a few short scenes in development, previewing Imogen’s efforts to restore democracy to her city.


Tuesday 25th August: 4:30pm
Wednesday 26th August: 4:30pm
Thursday 27th August: 4:30pm
These performances will run for approximately 30mins.

Athens Reborn will be staged on the 'amphitheatre' formed by the steps of the new Melbourne School of Design building, directly opposite the Elizabeth Murdoch Building. Please note that as this is an outdoor event, we ask our audience to come prepared for the weather! The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Imogen: Seren Oroszvary
Lysias: Amelia Burke
Slaythos: Rachel Shrives
Dracontides: Tessa Down

Written by: Kim Ho
Director: Kate Weston
Assistant Director: Danielle Holden
Producer: Matilda Houlihan
Production Manager/Stage Manager: Sunday Sommerfeld

Presented as part of Mudfest Arts 2015