2 years ago

7 October, 2015

MSD - Melbourne School of Design

Organised by:
Melbourne University Shakespeare Company (MUSC)

Tired of seeing Shakespeare shows with a cast of 12 and only two female characters? This is not that show. Written by Kim Ho, directed by Kate Weston and performed by an all-female cast, ‘Athens Reborn’ is about reclaiming Shakespeare for women.

Set during the Thirty Tyrants' reign over Athens, the play uses the language and style of the Bard to follow unlikely heroine Imogen as she restores democracy to her city and her people.

Proudly funded by the Hannah Barry Memorial Award


Imogen – Seren Oroszvary
Lysias – Amelia Burke
Malena – Ella Du Vé
Slaythos – Rachel Shrives
Critias – Adelaide Greig
Theramenes – Shirong Wu
The Furies/Waiting Women – Tabitha Lee, Antonia Yip, Sandra Chui
Nerissa – Siân Lewis
Eratosthenes – Maddi Cullen
Dracontides – Tessa Down
Socrates – Sandra Chui

Writer – Kim Ho
Director – Kate Weston
Assistant Director – Danielle Holden
Production Manager/Stage Manager – Sunday Sommerfeld
Assistant Stage Manager – Madeleine Kerr
Producer – Matilda Houlihan
Publicity Manager – Karl Richmond
Lighting Designer – John Collopy
Space Designer – Laura Hartnell
Sound Designer – Jordan Oakley
Makeup/Hair Designer – Ayu Maylinda
Costume Designer – Genevieve Atkins
Photographer – Ebony Beaton
Fight Choreographer – Kevin Turner

Wednesday 7th October
Thursday 8th October
Friday 9th October
Saturday 10th October

1:30pm (matinee):
Saturday 10th October

Athens Reborn will be staged on the 'amphitheatre' formed by the steps of the new Melbourne School of Design building, directly opposite the Elizabeth Murdoch Building. Please note that as this is an outdoor event, we ask our audience to come prepared for the weather! The venue is wheelchair accessible.