2 years ago

24 March, 2016

South Lawn, electrical lawns

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Ahoy fellow PIRATES, I'm afraid I bring grave news, a few of the members of the captains table have been cast down to Davy Jones Locker (It's pretty nasty, full of Davy Jones old gym socks). We arr inviting all members of the crew to shipwreck hall (south lawn) to cast their lots for a new First mate (vice president), head of Henry Morganism (meme chief) and head of Long John Silvery (membership). All current crew members are able to elect themselves and vote for others. We shall always be serving a bounty of food and drunk the likes of which haven' been seen even among the saltiest sea dogs. Come for the rum, stay for the mutiny.

1. Open
2. Attendance
3. Apologies
4. Motion: That the agenda be adopted
5. Motion: Election of the Returning Officer

6. Election
6.1 First Mate, Vice President
6.2 Henry Morganism, Meme Chief
6.3 Long John Silvery
6.4 Other Elections

7. Other Business
7.1 Motion: Appoint First Mate as a bank signatory
7.2 Motions from the floor
8. Close