3 years ago

21 May, 2015


Organised by:
Melbourne University Engineering Music Society

There's a new baby at Buckingham Palace and some swinging jazz bands happening at the Edinburgh Castle. Coincidence? Surely not. We'll be making a big old jazzberry pie to celebrate!

For the evening your ears will be graced with the fine melodies of Hardcore Hornography, fronted by the ever classy Ben Niewkirk and playing a selection of tasty jams including a Stevie Wonder Medley, a few 80s classics (jazzified, of course) as well as the classics of conserve - strawberry, apricot etc.

Hardcore Hornography will be joined on stage by the Saxy Brassholes, conducted by Sir Ben Delves serving up some delicious melodies served warm over good company and a few beverages.

Whet your appetite and get on down to the Edinburgh Castle on Sydney Road next Thursday the 21st of May!

The grooves will begin at 8pm, $10 entry.