3 years ago

19 May, 2015

University of Melbourne - Redmond Barry

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association

VSA’s got your lunch sorted next Tuesday, and it’s more than just mouth-watering! Not only is it jampacked with flavour and fresh fragrant herbs, you’ll get an authentic taste of Vietnamese culture as well! So join us on South Lawn 12-2pm as we dig into the heart of Vietnamese street food.

On the menu is “Nem Nuong” - savoury chargrilled pork skewers, a delicious snack that hails from the idyllic southern coasts of Vietnam. And what better way to finish it off than by washing it all down with some refreshing coconut juice! Spend your Tuesday lunchbreak with us and enjoy something you’d definitely not find in your regular campus café. Don’t miss this chance to get a taste of Vietnam between classes. It'll be hard to resist the aroma of nem nuong sizzling through the air next Tuesday, so stroll down to South Lawn and have lunch with us!

Pork Skewers - Members: $2, Non-members: $3
Coconut Juice - Members: $3, Non-members: $4

When: Tuesday 19th May 2015
Where: South Lawn
Time: 12-2pm

Not a VSA member yet? No worries! Sign up on the day, and get membership, 2 pork skewers and coconut juice altogether for just $10.

Lunch is served! (ˆڡˆ)v