2 years ago

11 May, 2016

Trades Hall

Organised by:
Labor voice Club

100 years ago, in the midst of WW1, John Curtin led the Labor Party in fighting for the party's anti-conscription stance in a climate of political turmoil, division and propaganda.
On May 10, 1916, the Trade Unions held an All-Australia Trade Union Conference in Melbourne, in which delegates from all across the country voted on behalf of their branch. With 208,018 votes for, and 753 against, the conference declared "its determination to resist any and every attempt to foist conscription upon the people of Australia".

Come join the Labor Club to celebrate and learn about the 100th anniversary of this tumultuous and historic event in the Party's history. We'll be meeting at Trades Hall on May 11 from 5-6:30pm, where a documentary will be shown along with a short talk. After that, we'll head across the road to the John Curtin (because appropriateness) for drinks.

Be sure to bring a Gold Coin Donation for entry to Trades Hall :)