3 years ago

6 May, 2015

Joe Nap B, Level 2, Union House, The University of Melbourne

Organised by:
Socialist Alternative

Western Australian Liberal premier Colin Barnett is closing 150 of the state’s 274 remote Indigenous communities by removing funding for basic services such as sewerage and electricity.

In a vile display of racism, Tony Abbott voiced his support for wiping out these communities by labeling living on traditional land a "lifestyle choice."

This genocidal policy aimed at opening up Indigenous land to mining companies and pushing through an assimilationist agenda has sparked some inspiring resistance from WA to Brisbane to Melbourne.

Come hear from Indigenous socialist activist Kim Bullimore on the WA community closures, UMSU Indigenous Officer Tyson Holloway-Clarke, and Rob Narai on the history of the struggle for land rights.

Hosted by Socialist Alternative Melbourne University and the UMSU Indigenous Department

Supported by Red Flag newspaper