1 year ago

14 March, 2017

Room 106

Organised by:
Law Students Society

Can't get enough of Competitions? Want to get involved and push yourself academically? So sick of all the competitions posts but you've also kiiiiind of gone full circle and are ready to hear about more?

Come find out about all the external competition opportunities available to JD students!

Every year the LSS sends teams to represent the law school at a variety of competitions across Australia and even overseas. The competitions cover a variety of areas of law and take different formats (moots, tribunals, negotiations, and we are always looking to keep expanding and diversifying). This session will give an overview of the competitions we look to enter as the LSS and some faculty sponsored competitions, including the details prospective applicants should know. We also have some past competitors coming to speak about their experiences.

Competitions that we will be discussing include:
- HSF International Negotiation Comeptiton in India
- Ashurt Private
- AAT Moot
- Kirby Contract Moot
- Animal Law Moot
- Baker & Mackenzie Moot
- ALSA Moot
- Sir Harry Gibbs Constitutional Law Moot
- Nowicki Carbone Tort Law Moot

Everyone welcome :)