1 year ago

15 March, 2017

Room G08

Organised by:
Law Students Society

The Witness Examination Officers and Competitions Directors are bringing you a skills session with the amazing Andrew Palmer. Andrew is a barrister at the Vic Bar and Melbourne Law School Associate Professor. He has taught the subjects Advocacy and Evidence and Proof, has particular expertise on evidence and has written textbooks on analysing evidence used by the law school – basically he’s the most expert of experts when it comes to witness exam. And not only will the workshop be incredibly useful for you in this competition, Andrew is always entertaining and insightful so we encourage you to come along if you can.

The session will run in G08 1-2pm on Wednesday 15th March. Some of you will be competing that evening but you’ll gain more from hearing from Andrew than you will spending that hour on the problem. We look forward to seeing you there.