1 year ago

8 March, 2017

Engineers Australia

Organised by:
Master of Energy Systems Association (MESA)

In December 2015, Tasmania experienced a failure of the Basslink undersea cable combined with low dam levels and record low rainfall. These events necessitated the rapid deployment of significant generation capacity at key locations in the state. Hydro Tasmania (Generation NSP), with support from TasNetworks (Transmission and Distribution NSP), then began to dispatch supplementary generation throughout the state.

During his presentation Michael, who as part of the TasNetworks project team helped to identify suitable connection points for generation, will discuss the project, the technical and environmental challenges that were overcome and how supplementary generators were able to provide insurance against continued drought conditions and a possible prolonged Basslink outage.

About the Speaker -

Michael Verrier

Senior Asset Strategy Engineer, TasNetworks

Michael has over 25 years’ experience in the electricity industry, with initial experience in heavy industry before gaining generation, distribution and transmission exposure. Michael’s engineering knowledge is wide ranging, from heavy industry motor and process control, through engineering distribution & transmission design, SCADA, system planning and currently asset management. Michael holds trade, Associate Diploma, Degree and Masters level qualifications in electrical engineering. Michael is also involved with Engineers Australia division in Tasmania as well as being state chair of EESA. He is also a member of Cigre substation committee B3 and has membership with IEEE.

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