1 year ago

9 March, 2017

Flagstaff Gardens

Organised by:
Law Students Society

Welcome (back!) JD Students young and old!

It’s the event we have all been waiting for, the event we all love … the infamous “Welcome Back Garden Party” this year sponsored by Leo Cussen Centre for Law.

We’re talking Flagstaff Gardens, fairy lights, sunset, cheese and a live musician. What more could you possibly ask for in week 2?

It’s the event that allows all year levels to rub shoulders and mingle: ask a 3rd year about their summer internship in Shanghai; observe the keen glint of enthusiasm/happiness in all the first years eyes! It’s going to be incredible!

Afterwards (and unofficially of course) kick-ons are encouraged at The Toff in Town til the small hours of the morning, so strap in for an amazing night!

BYO Cheese related puns, advice for first years, dancing shoes and unquenchable thirst.

*There will of course be BEERS as well… and Cider… and maybe a Goon Sack(s).

We can’t wait to see you all…

Love the Activities Team