1 year ago

27 February, 2017

Babel Building Room 305 Unimelb

Organised by:
Hong Kong Students Association (MUHKSA)

頭搖又尾擺 Ocamp話咁快
下個禮拜五就係啦 報左名嘅你 或者未報都好 記得黎禮拜一嘅簡介會啦! 我地可以解答你所有疑問的 (應該得^^) 當然 仲有嘢飲嘢食 真係擺明又食又拎^>^ 仲可以識埋新朋友仔 邊有咁大隻蛤乸隨街跳係呢次啦(^_^) 禮拜一晚見啦!!!

日期 Date: Monday 27th Feb 2017
時間 Time: 6:15pm
地點 Venue: Babel Building 305 @Unimelb

We invite YOU to join us on Monday night’s briefing session to learn more about the Back-to-School O-camp. Details of the camp will be given and it's VERY important so we suggest you to attend.
FREE FOOD and DRINKS will be provided, well, meeting new friends can never be easier. Mouthwatering? Aha! We've got you covered --- welcoming dinner will be held after the sesh. Don't even think about it JUST COME AND HAVE A BIT OF FUN
**Missed the sign-up during the O-week? Simply come down to the briefing session to join us!

Link to ocamp page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1294916570587827/