1 year ago

29 April, 2017


Organised by:
Fotoholics Photography Club

After an amazingly successful inaugural year, PhotoMarathon's returning to Melbourne!

A photography competition with a difference, you have 9 hours to take 9 pictures of 9 topics.

It's not your physical condition that will get you through this marathon, but instead your sense of improvisation, fun and creativity (i.e. no training required).

Throughout the day, you'll be given 9 topics to take photos of. You'll collect them in person from the one of the PhotoMarathon hubs in the city, and they'll be provided in batches of 3. Pretty much anything goes in terms of the topics, they may be a mixture of existential ideas, simple forms, or basic objects. It's an essential part of the competition that the photos are taken in the exact order the topics are provided. Once you've got your 9 images, you're ready to submit your portfolio back at HQ!

Following the judging period, we'll be holding a free public exhibition which will kick off on May 12 with the opening night and prize giving. Every entrant's portfolio will be exhibited, no matter of age, ability, experience or technical equipment. The exhibition will highlight this wonderful city’s diversity and show off its creative inhabitants.

It's going to be quite a collection!

For more details visit www.photomarathonmelbourne.com.au