1 year ago

27 February, 2017

The University of Melbourne

Organised by:
Power to Change

Uni has just begun so spend it well by meeting new people, having fun and finding out more about Jesus! You do not need to be part of our club to come to any of our events. We will have a bunch of different things on each day for week 1 including daily lunches at South Lawn from 12-1pm (look out for the teal tshirts) except Tuesday. Feel free to bring your friends along to any of these events as well.

MONDAY: 12PM Lunch on South Lawn / 1PM: Gelati Party
TUESDAY: 12PM Family Time(weekly meeting) / 1PM Happy Hour (free pizza)
WEDNESDAY: 12PM Lunch on South Lawn
THURSDAY: 12PM Lunch on South Lawn / 1-3PM Casual Sport
FRIDAY: 12PM Lunch on South Lawn / 4-6PM Dinner & Chill

For more information check out each individual event page!