1 year ago

8 March, 2017

Melbourne Law School

Organised by:
Law Students Society

The Women's Officers are excited to present our Women's Day Panel titled Mind the Gap: It's Not All About the Money. It will be held on Wednesday the 8th of March at 6.30pm on Level 1.

We have chosen this theme because we feel that mainstream discussions of gender inequality often focuses on the pay gap while overshadowing the lived experience of women working in the law. We are going to have a diverse Panel of speakers to talk about their own experiences as well as the women they work with. International Women's Day is about recognising and overcoming the intersectionality of disadvantage that women experience, which is what this Panel will encapsulate. It is going to be a Q&A Panel, so come with questions prepared to get the most out of the experience.

We are honoured to announce that our Panel will feature (in alphabetical order):

Beth Gaze: an accomplished academic currently on staff at Melbourne Law School. Professor Gaze is a graduate of Melbourne University, Monash University and University of California. Having expertise in anti-discrimination law and feminist legal theory, Professor Gaze is well versed on the intersection of the legal and the social. She has acted as an adviser to Victorian Parliament in relation to the Equal Opportunity Act 1995.

Kristen Walker: a Barrister with expertise in Constitutional, Human Rights, Sexuality and Discrimination Law. Ms Walker has taught at the University of Columbia and University of Arizona, and was an associate to Chief Justice Anthony Mason. Ms Walker worked on Ruhani v Director of Police speaking in the High Court five days after signing the bar role, and appeared on renown cases like Plaintiff M70 v Commonwealth and Rowe v Electoral Commissioner.

Urfa Masood: a Magistrate of Victoria. Magistrate Masood started practising Criminal law in 2003, working for the Aboriginal Legal Service and the Australian Tax Office. She has been a lecturer at College of Law, specialising in Advocacy. With expertise in Criminal, Child Protection and Family law, she brings extensive experience to the Bench. Magistrate Masood is the first Muslim woman to sit on the bench of any Victorian court.

Before and during the event we are selling ribbons which are $3 each. All proceeds will be sent to the UN and used to help empower women all around the world. So save some spare change :)

Refreshments will be provided after the event, giving attendees the opportunity to network and meet our Panelists.