1 year ago

20 February, 2017

The University of Melbourne

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Looking to start uni off with something worthwhile? Aiming to make the most of your exciting year ahead? Think BIG, think DIFFERENT, think CAINZ!

Cainz is a skill-focused club that aims to bridge the gap between academic life and professional practice. In this upcoming semester we have numerous opportunities in store, ranging from workshops and panel forums designed to expand your knowledge, allowing you to hear from and talk with actual professionals in the industry. In addition to this we have regular publications and discussion forums designed to keep you up to date with the ever-changing economy.

The MARKET REVIEW - an excellent platform for students to come together and stay updated about current market conditions and trends.

The DIGEST - Chance for you to write as part of a group and read publications that address global, current affairs.

Currently at Cainz, we are also in the process of recruiting new officers!
We’re looking for motivated students, who are excited to explore something new and are interested in joining our friendly team. If you are intrigued at all by this, or by any of the opportunities we offer, come on down to our stall and learn more!

Monday - 20th February 2017
Time: 11:30am – 2:00pm
Location: University Square

Wednesday – 22nd February 2017
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Location: South Lawn

Our first event for the year, the Cainz Welcome Night, is also coming up extremely soon in week 2! Become a Cainz member with a purchase of a ticket!