1 year ago

23 February, 2017

CSS Melbourne

Organised by:
Commerce Students Society

For years on end, the Commerce Students’ Society has adventured through the Parkville/Carlton area in order to find the finest pubs and bars to suit the needs of thirsty university students.

This year the tradition continues as your CSS takes you on a Cultural Tour, journeying through the surrounding streets of Melbourne University. We will be visiting various locations, where you’ll be provided with many jugs of beer and cider, endless boat races and excruciating headaches the following morning.

The tour will begin at 12pm in Deakin Courtyard where there will be a BBQ with food, drinks and a DJ pumping some summer tunes. Membership sign-ups will also be available at the BBQ, as well as the remaining camp payments which are all due at this time.
*If you don’t know where Deakin Courtyard is, download an app called ‘Lost on Campus’ which will help you find it.

The tour will continue after the BBQ where we will visit the following pubs in this order:

2.30pm – TSUBU
4.00pm – THE CLYDE
5.30pm until late – THE SHAW DAVEY SLUM

Whilst stomaching the various beverages that these fine establishments have to offer, you may feel the need to eat at some point. If you are hungry at any time throughout the tour, feel free to purchase your own food although make sure you do so just as you arrive at a new location so that you can finish your meal before we leave to the next destination.

Make sure you bring ID as security at each venue have permission to refuse entry.

We look forward to seeing you all there
Your CSS