2 years ago

12 August, 2016

Aerial UTS Function Centre

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Convene with amazing speakers. Express your thoughts. Discuss issues. Are you ready to change Australia?
The Forum will be held at The University of Technology, Sydney on Friday the 12th of August, 2016. Dress code: smart casual.
Tickets are $10 AUD - Payment link can be found here: http://youthspeakforumnsw.qnect.co/terminal/
Ever thought about how the almost spontaneous rise of Pokémon Go will affect society? Or how global warming is forcing sockeye salmon species into earlier migrations, resulting in them to spawn young far quicker than they did 40 years ago? Then you’ve come to the right place! The YouthSpeak forum is a platform for young people to collaborate with senior leaders and industry professionals in society to ignite conversations about issues that matter most to them.

The forum will be split up into three sub themes:

The Digital Landscape: Where you’ll analyse the rapidly changing architecture of the digital landscape and how this shapes our everyday lives

Sustainability: By understanding the salient values our society holds at its core, we extrapolate how sustainable we as a society really are, and how we can evolve to improve this

Cultural Awareness: You'll explore the importance of being open to and respecting different cultures and how this has a vast impact on all areas of society, from the economy, to business to you as an individual

Whether you are just beginning your university journey, or are already finished, if you are a young person, we invite you to attend the forum, embrace the ideas and opinions expressed, critically analyse them, contribute to the discussion and ultimately gain a deeper understanding on what you can do to create the change you want to see. This forum is designed for you.

*Please note that this is a paid event. Invitations to attend this forum will be given based on responses to the registration form.