1 year ago

23 February, 2017

South Lawn

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association

★★VSA UoM presents: "From Ashes to Flames" Orientation 2017★★
Proudly Sponsored By: The Pancake Parlour, Rice Workshop, Scroll, Archery Attack and many more!!

Legends say that at the end of every era, a new faction of students emerges from the ashes and are reborn like phoenixes into a new life.

Your time has come and now you hold the power to transform yourselves from ashes to flames; flames that will enlighten your University experience and ensure that your journey to success is an unforgettable milestone.

Here to guide you through your expedition is VSA, one of the University of Melbourne’s biggest cultural and social clubs delivering both cultural and social events. We invite you to become part of a family that will equip you with friendships, university wisdom and a crowd that knows how to have fun through the struggles of education.

► WHERE: South Lawn, The University of Melbourne
► WHEN: Thursday 23rd February
► WHY:
- Discounts from our sponsors
- Discounts to ALL our events
- Free food at during on-campus events
- Showbag full of merchandises
► COST: $10 plus free showbag

Furthermore, if you would like to know more about VSA, come to our Annual O-camp! We will also be holding sign-ups on the day! You can definitely express your interest, but for the keen peeps out there, you can secure your spot with a deposit. Further details will be released soon!

It is true that you can achieve a great deal by yourself, but you can do so much more when you join forces with others...
So join the VSA family on your journey to enlightenment, and we promise your university experience will be lit