1 year ago

10 February, 2017

Melbourne University Shakespeare Company (MUSC)

Organised by:
Shakespeare Company (MUSC)

This semester's show is Lǝar, directed by Adelaide Greig.
In fact, the crew currently stands as:
Director - Adelaide Greig
Equity Officer - Rachel Shrives
C00l Ppl Who R Also Involved Somehow - Amy Spurgeon & Alice Wheaton

Lǝar: lies told as kings grow old, a modern rework of a prideful tale.
Through text analysis, collaboration and devising, Lǝar will be an exploration of greed, narcisissm and a lack of empathy that turns the tale on its head.

Production dates are:
Weeks 11 & 12 of Semester 1, 15th-27th of May.

If you are INTO IT, send your expression of interest (feat. any role/s you'd be interested in) to mu.shakespeare@gmail.com and we will respond with an application package for you to peruse at your leisure. Pls let us know asap though so we have enough time to get through the responses.
The positions we're looking for are:

*Assisstant Director
*Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager
*Production Manager
*Lighting Designer/Operator
*Sound Designer/Operator
*Head of Publicity
*Head of Set Design
*Head of Costumes
*Front of House
*Access Officer


If (WHEN!?!) you apply you'll receive a package with more information about the show, our approach and what you'd be expected to fulfill within your role.

lastly, we rly do encourage everyone to apply, even if you've never been in a theatre before (now's the time baby), because there will be many assisstant positions to fill and many GROOVY oppurtunities 2 learn :))))

P.S. you don't have to go to Melbin Uni currently to apply **!*!*