2 years ago

8 April, 2016

Wherever you are!

Organised by:
Melbourne University Health Initiative

All over the world, 1000 women die each day due to preventable causes linked to pregnancy and child birth. 285 million people are visually impaired and 220 million are living with diabetes.

If you were lucky enough to be living in the right country, you would have all the equipment- all the emergency surgical kits, the lenses, glucose meters and dialysis pumps, to deal with those problems.

But if you were in a low-income country, where 50-80% of all medical equipment is out of commission, you face a considerably darker fate.

At MAP, we don't believe that your health outcomes should depend on where you live.

The Material Aid Program (MAP) is one of MUHI's most valued programs, which seeks to deliver much needed medical equipment to under-resourced hospitals and clinics in the developing world. Our donations are delivered to communities in need by student ambassadors and these communities complete a wish list detailing the resources they require allowing us to tailor the allocation of donations towards their specific needs.

But to help bridge the gap between us and the less privileged, we need YOUR help.

MAP is currently in urgent need of volunteers for Equipment Manager and Sponsorship Officer to be able to finalise the inventory THIS MONTH.

Sign up today and do your part in putting an ending to global health inequity! Instructions on how to apply are contained within the position descriptions below:

MAP Equipment Manager (x3): http://goo.gl/NqqFYe
MAP Sponsorship Officer (x2): http://goo.gl/vBSzJx

The position descriptions can also be accessed via our recruitment website: http://muhi.org.au/recruitment/.

Applications close Friday, April 8. If you have any queries or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the MAP Manager, Stephanie Li, at sli@muhi.org.au.