2 years ago

14 September, 2016

Palace Kino Cinema

Organised by:
Melbourne University Health Initiative

The Kenyan Village Medical Education (KVME) program is a program run by the Melbourne University Health Initiative (MUHI) that aims to improve health outcomes through culturally-specific health promotion in rural Kenya. In January 2017, a group of student volunteers will embark on the annual trip to rural Kenya. Over the course of several weeks, the student volunteers will deliver workshops to adult and children in the community on topics such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, trachoma, and malaria.

In the past, the KVME trip has been predominantly self-funded by student volunteers. Prior to the KVME trip, the KVME team at MUHI run a series of fundraising events to assist with the purchase of water filtration systems, first aid supplies, and educational materials. The KVME Movie Night is one such fundraising event. The movie that the KVME team has chosen this year is Sully. Starring Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, Sully delves into the gripping true story of the pilot who had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River in 2009.

The details of the night are as follows:
Date: Wednesday, 14 September
Time: 6.30 PM - End of Movie
Location: Kino Cinemas, 45 Collins St, Melbourne
Price: $20

Come on down to support the amazing student volunteers who will be traveling to Kenya this summer! Look foward to seeing you all there!

Can't make it to the KVME Movie Night, but keen to support the KVME volunteers on their 2017 expedition? Look out for the KVME Trivia Night and KVME Semester 2 Revision lectures on MUHI Facebook page. Details to come.