2 years ago

20 May, 2016

Corkman Irish Bar

Organised by:
Ultimate Frisbee Club

The ultimate test of strength, beauty, courage and worth:


Form teams of 5! Answer the questions! Drink some beer! Guess the answers! Drink some more beer! Feel terrible about how little useless knowledge you know! Drink more beer! Cheat on the answers! Steal your neighbour's bbq wings! Drink more beer! Answer more questions! Eat more wings! Descend into madness!!!

Join us at the Corkman's after pick up for a night of beer, bants, wings and doubting your intelligence!

Just so we know how many teams to expect and wings to purchase, please fill in our form:

Prizes will go to the winners and the team with the most creative team name!

Teams: 5 people
Price: $10pp ($50 per team)
Transfer money to:
Melbourne university ultimate
BSB: 033178
Acc: 173823
Description: your name followed by TRIV
e.g. John Smith TRIV or JSmith TRIV

Each team gets a FREE plate of WINGS and a FREE JUG (of beer, of course. duh.)