2 years ago

12 April, 2016

Melbourne Uni

Organised by:
Solidarity Student Club

** click attending to let us know you can help out Tues 10am**

From Student Union event page
On Friday, someone took to the walkways of the university with chalk, spreading messages of hate and vilifying Muslims. This latest incident comes after the distribution last month of anti-Semitic flyers.

Beside Friday’s hateful slogans, the perpetrators wrote “Freedom of Speech”.

We’d like to take them up on that.

We know that the views expressed in those slogans do not represent the views of our university community. We know that our diversity is our strength, and we want to protect and celebrate that diversity. So we decided that the best way to respond to words of hatred was with words of love. We decided that we wanted to take up our own chalk sticks and cover the campus with messages of welcome, tolerance and humanity.

So, on Tuesday, we invite you to join us all around campus as we get chalking to celebrate diversity. Everyone's welcome to come and add their message of support!

We’re confident that our voices will drown out those of last week. We’re determined not to let their words go unopposed. We want everyone, on our campus and beyond it, to see that the University of Melbourne is a place of welcome for all students, regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Clubs are also encouraged to come as a group to show your support and if anybody is able to bring their own chalk to contribute please do!