2 years ago

4 October, 2016

Joe Napolitano Room A, Level 2, Union House, University of Melbourne

Organised by:
Solidarity Student Club

SPEAKER JUANEL DE LA FORET, Sydney College of the Arts student occupier & campaigner

Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) has been occupied by students for the last 3 weeks after announcement of the closure of their campus. Students midway through their degrees were left in limbo after being told their degrees would be cut. So far the campaign has already forced the University to back down on the proposed merger with the NSW College of Fine Arts and the resignation of the Dean imposing the closure. This campaign has struck a chord with students and educators across Australia opposed to the constant push to make universities more and more like corporations. ‘Streamlining’ has meant slashing the quality and scope of education. Melbourne University lead this process nationally with the ‘Melbourne Model’ reducing 96 undergraduate courses to six degrees at Melbourne Uni. Hear firsthand from an SCA student occupier about the campaign to save their school and how we can begin to fight back against an education system geared towards profit rather than learning.