1 year ago

10 March, 2017

Melbourne University Taiwanese Students' Association MUTSA

Organised by:
Taiwanese Students Association (MUTSA)

一起和墨大臺灣社去宿營3天2夜, 回到那些青春洋溢的生活吧!
新生的你們絕對不能錯過 這可是認識新朋友的好機會呢!
或是認識個異性好友 😀

日期:3月10號 ~3月12號
Camp 地點:Phillip Island Coastal Discovery Camp
集合地點:University Square
2月23號到O-week Clubs and Society Expo現場或者每週二至週四來Union House Table向我們索取表格報名參加并完成付費

*2月23號O-Week Clubs and Society Expo當天我們將會有Camp和Ball的優惠價,想了解更多詳細資料,記得點一下網址,查詢O-week Expo的活動頁面 https://www.facebook.com/events/966950763437693/

P.s.想要成為我們的會員,可以來2月23號O-week Clubs and Society Expo (South Lawn)登記或者在google form登記喔

Believe everyone is still missing your high school time!
Come along with MUTSA to camp for 3 days 2 night, let's go back to the youthful life.
Freshman, you should not miss this. It's a great chance for you guys to meet new friends!
This event is going to be full of surprises!
Enable everyone to creat more and better uni memories!

Theme: Throwback to High School Days
Date: 10th March ~ 12th March
Camp location: Philip Island Coastal Discovery Camp.
Assemble location: University Square
Assemble time: 10th March 12p.m.
Member price: $155*
Non-member price: $165
Register method:
Register on-site by filling up register form and pay at O-week Clubs and Society Expo on 23rd February or at Union house Table every Tuesday and Thursday.

*There will be discount for camp and ball O-Week Clubs and Society Expo on 23rd February. For more information, please visit the link below to check out our O-week Expo event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/966950763437693/

P.s For those who are interested in becoming our member, please sign up at O-week Clubs and Society Expo(south lawn) on 23rd February or on google form.