2 years ago

6 October, 2016

Room 102 Melbourne Law School

Organised by:
Law Students Society

(A) MULSS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: Outcome of the Special Resolution on a Gender Diversity Mechanism

We wanted to announce that the special resolution on the gender diversity mechanism did not pass.
The yes vote was 76/102, or 74.5%. It needed to be 75% or over to pass.

Given the closeness of the result and that over 50% of voters were in favour, we wanted to share some takeaways from this process:
1. the AGM had the highest member turn out (106) of any MULSS general meeting in the last 3 years. That level of engagement meant many of us had conversation and thoughts on gender diversity that would not have happened otherwise.

2. this conversation went beyond MULSS. Other student societies (UNSW) approached us about the mechanism, and implemented an equivalent across many of their representative positions.

3. this mechanism was one way to increase diverse representation. There are others. We are excited to see the incoming MULSS Committee and student body working towards those other ways in the future.

4. the almost unbelievable closeness of this outcome is a reminder that every single vote counts. Only two extra yes votes would have changed the result here. JDers: continue engaging and voting, because in a society as small as ours, every one of your votes makes a significant difference.

Thank you for such a phenomenal year.

(B) VOTING RESULTS: Thanks all to all nominees and voters for your engagement and enthusiasm in this year's MULSS election. This year was as competitive as ever - with 488 people voting! - which goes to show how valued all the nominees are by the cohort.

Upcoming Co-Opt Positions
Applications for a huge range of co-opt positions will soon be available. Co-opts are the backbone of the committee and nothing would ever get done without them. We encourage all MULSS members generally to keep an eye out for co-opt applications coming out soon and put your hand up for something that interests you.

2016/17 MULSS Commitee Voting Results (to be officially elected at the MULSS Annual General Meeting (details below):

President: Henry Dow

Vice Presidents: Dominique Rose Logan & Mark Campbell

Secretary: Ruveena Kaliannan

Treasurer: Arj Wijegunaratne

Careers & Development Directors: Mariah Cartsidimas & Vanessa West

Communications Directors: Rosie Alice Francis & Sophia Kaiko

Education Directors: Amanda Atkins & Thomas Diaz

Second Year Representative: Augustus Viola

Equality & Social Justice Directors: Tilly Houghton & Ayu Maylinda

Women Officers: Gabrielle Verhagen & Annika McInerney

Queer Officers: Alex Callihan & Aviva Kidd

Director of Sponsorship: Daniel Conti
Competitions Director(s): Lydia May Rose Holt & Alana Mia Perna
Third Year Representative: Max Wilkins
Indigenous Student Representative: Karri Mary Walker
Activities Director(s): James Muirhead & Camilla Doyle
Environment Officer(s): Michael Botha & Oliver Deane
International Student Representative: Xu Zhang