2 years ago

18 October, 2016

Lawns in Front of Law School

Organised by:
Law Students Society

Hey everybody!

As is law school tradition, we are organising to take a big year-level photo of all of us before our first year of law school is over!

We’re hoping that we can take one for each year that we’re at MLS, so that when we come to compiling photos for the yearbook in third year, we have a group photo from every year that we’ve been at law school!

We understand everyone’s time is precious at the moment with exams looming, but this photo shouldn’t take too much time out of everyone’s busy schedules (15-20 mins).

If everyone could please be on the lawns, at the latest, by 1:55PM - new time to accomodate the study-bunnies in the Contracts STS - that would be fantastic. We’ll be taking the photo at 2:05PM, so please don't be late - you’ll miss out ☹

Hope to see you all there on Tuesday!! Don’t miss out on your chance to be remembered in the Class of 2018 yearbook!