1 year ago

24 February, 2017

Melbourne Law School

Organised by:
Law Students Society

Hello happy campers! We can't wait to see you tomorrow ready for the best 3 days of your life

Get ready for a long post...

Please arrive tomorrow at the law school 11am sharp, check the bus lists to see what number bus you have been allocated to. Make sure your luggage gets on that bus- introduce yourself to your bus leaders and get your name crossed off on their attendance list.

We will stop halfway in Colac for some lunch so make sure you pack some cash. Plenty of bakeries/cafes/supermarkets etc. Same thing will happen on our way home on Sunday.

DO bring:
-Sleeping bag or some bed linen and a doona (duvet)
-Pillow + case
-Phone charger
-Prescribed medication
-Insect repellent
-Your costumes (seriously important)
-Comfortable clothing (inc. something warm and weatherproof ie a jacket, gets quite chilly!!)
-Respect and common-sense + the best of dance moves

Do NOT bring:
-Your own alcohol (if you have allergies to beer/cider this should have been on the form in which case we can accomodate)
-Illicit or illegal substances or contraband
-A bad attitude

Rest up tonight and see you all in the morning