2 years ago

20 April, 2016

Graham Cornish B, Union House

Organised by:
Card Crew

Mid semester what? I don't know what you're talking about, but over at card crew we're playing the classic game Big 2. The only game with 2 as the highest card for some reason and no one ever knows the same rules. As always there will be food, drinks and maybe cups!

Big 2 rules:
Deal out 13 cards to each of the 4 players. For 3 players, deal 17 to each player. The player who plays first is the one with the 3 of diamonds or lowest card if it's a 3 player game.
The goal of the game is to play every card card in your hand.
Play starts from the dealer's left.
You must play the same number of cards as the previous person and play a higher card, with suits from ♦<♣<♥<♠.
Possible plays are:
Singles (one card)
Pairs (two cards)
and 5 card poker hands: straight<flush<full house<four of a kind(+1 extra card of your choice)< straight flush