2 years ago

13 May, 2016

Graham Cornish A, Union House, Melbourne University

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Bike Polo

Hello everyone!

Some of you may be aware but there is this crazy sport called Bike Polo! And we are trying to bring it to Melbourne uni!

To do this we need a bit of help from you guys and girls, our friends, acquaintances, estranged family and secret lovers.

We are holding our inaugural general meeting as a club at Uni, but to finalise the process of becoming a club we need thirty members to attend. That is where you guys come in.

On Friday 13th at 4pm we will be having a short meeting, 30-60 minutes, and we would love it if everyone could come along and become a member of MU Bike Polo!

There is no joining fee, no mandatory events, just helping to support a fairly underground sport become a part of uni life. Of course if you are interested and want to have a go that is great!

If you have some friends feel free to invite them, at this point it is a bit of a numbers game whilst we try to find our feet. And who knows, if we get enough interest we might even have pizza. And everyone loves pizza.