2 years ago

18 May, 2016

Criniti's Carlton

Organised by:
Power to Change

! ! ! H E L L O ! ! !
The time has come once again to get out from under those books, away from those screens and BE SOCIAL! Yay!

Hope to see you and your friends at the next SL city campus social in WK 11 which will be held super close to uni at the infamous Italian restaurant "Crinitis". Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to feast on MASSIVE METRE LONG pizzas in good company. Let's get together to encourage and support one another before the storm society calls the "exam period" hits and just *pizza and chill*

Can't wait to see you/meet you! If you need help getting there or have questions (or just want to call me.. um cool) feel free to FB me or call 0449588524 (sorry if I don't pick up or call back - I will do my best - Grace).