2 years ago

26 July, 2016

Foyer, Ian Potter Museum of Art Swanston Street, Parkville

Organised by:
Buddhist Studies Society

Join us each Tuesday at lunchtime for a guided meditation session led by Dr Lydia Brown.

"An art gallery lies at the intersection of creativity and silence. When you enter through its doors, you are invited to place daily chores on hold, to encounter hidden layers of the mind as expressed through art. View the collection before or after the guided meditation session to help furnish your mind with beauty, creativity and depth." - Dr Lydia Brown.

Meditation involves deepening your awareness of the present moment, so that you can enjoy less stress and more positive emotions in your daily life. Each guided meditation invites you to deeply relax your body and mind. Through gently letting go of this tension, you are free to experience mental clarity that is at once energising, peaceful and creative

Dr Lydia Brown is a psychologist specialising in self-compassion therapy, and a mindfulness meditation practitioner.

This mindfulness session is offered each week on Tuesdays at 12.15-1pm throughout the semester.

For further information post here, or email lydiaab@unimelb.edu.au