2 years ago

7 September, 2016

Multi-Function Room, 1888 Building, University of Melbourne

Organised by:
Buddhist Studies Society

Tired? Stressed? Feeling overwhelmed by the semester? Or just wondering what your degree is about?

MUBSS presents its first public talk for Semester 2 on "Success Through Adversity: A University Perspective" to try and find the answers.

Bhante Buddharakita will explore a Buddhist perspective on achieving success through adversity at University. He will touch on maintaining a balanced lifestyle, managing expectations, stress, loneliness, peer pressure & finding meaning in your studies and career throughout his talk.

There will also be an opportuntiy to ask Bhante any questions following the talk. We look forward to seeing you there (just show up, no registration required)!
WHEN? 5:50-7:00 PM
DATE? Wednesday 7 September 2016
WHERE? Multi-Function Room, 1888 Building, University of Melbourne
COST? Free
FOOD? Yes! Refreshements will be provided.
About Bhante Buddharakhtia:

Bhante Buddharakhita was born and raised in Uganda. He studied Commerce at Punjab University in India and first encountered Buddhism in 1990. He was ordained as a monk in 2002. He is the author of Planting the Dhamma Seeds: The Emergence of Buddhism on African Soil and has spoken at Stanford University amongst other high profile institutions.