2 years ago

8 April, 2016

Alan Gilbert Theater 1

Organised by:
Potter Heads

For the first time ever MUPH will be hosting a karaoke night!
The night will be filled with songs from everyone's favorite musical parody: A Very Potter Musical.

Entrance will be $5 for members or $10 for non-members, but you can sign up on the night. This will include Pizza, soft drinks, Alcohol and of course the oppurtunity to show off your perfomance skills - those years of singing and dancing to AVPM were essentially practise for this exact moment.

For those of you who are super eager below is a google form where you can put down your name(s) and a song choice.


We will also accept song choices from A Very Potter Sequel and Senior Year.

Now get in your RocketShips and come to our Karaoke night, for those of you who aren't Hufflepuffs we will post a map to help you FIND the Alan Gilbert.

Very Potter Karaoke Night
Where: Alan Gilbert Theatre 1 (Map coming soon)
When: 8 April 6.15 - 9.00pm
Tickets: $5 for members, $10 for non-members
Food: Pizza, Soft Drinks, Alcohol (pending) (no Firewhiskey though, sorry.)