2 years ago

6 October, 2016

Union Theatre

Organised by:
Chinese Music Group

We invite you to 2 hours of laughter and nostalgia...
Join us in CMG's 2016 Annual Musical <十点十分 你在哪里? Turning Back the Hands of Time>

"He has made some mistakes in life. He chose the wrong crowd, the wrong goal, the wrong morals, the wrong behaviour.
She loved him - his smile, his promises... She wanted his attention, wanted him to feel the same way too.

But she is torn beyond despair when she has to make a choice – one that will change the course of history. And her unconditional love leads her over the edge…
He is given the chance to change everything, yet, he does not know the consequences his choices will bring. Until it is too late…

The clock is ticking ..."

Original script by: Jennice Lee
Directed by: Wenxin Low & Shanny Wong
Songs and music by: Chinese Music Group CMG