2 years ago

15 February, 2016

Carlton, Parkville, North Melbourne

Organised by:
More Beer!

***UPDATE: due to the death of the traditional pub, we will now do pub mini golf, a more exciting and fast paced 12 hole course! of course feel free to try to continue with the full 18 hole option but the official event is now mini golf***

tl;dr: come down for the best round of golf you will ever have with your friends from More Beer!
Dress up in your finest golf attire and bring a copy of the scorecard and a pen to record your score.
We will start at 3 at Tsubu, finishing with Shaw being the last pub at around 7.
We aim to be at each pub for about 15 minutes with approximately 5 minutes walking time between each pub.
Catch ups and skips are naturally allowed
Beer on ladies and gentlemen.

IMPORTANT: Seeing as there will be a lot of alcohol on offer on the day (particuarly if you can afford it), please remain in control of yourselves. We do not want to deal with incidents of vomit, bar damage, public complaints, police or any form of violence. If you act like a fuckwit there may be repurcussions for you and More Beer (banned from bars, police action etc.).

Don't be a fuckwit.

Know your limit with alcohol and drink accordingly so we can all have a good day and to ensure bar staff do not utterly hate their jobs.