2 years ago

11 March, 2016

Old Metallurgy Courtyard

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More Beer!

Uni is back and so are everybodies' favorite clubsters, unfortanutnatly they will be unable to attend this BBQ so you'll just have to hang out with the more beer club but there will still be plenty beers food and good times.

Get down to Old Met this Friday at 12:00 pm for what is sure to be the best bi-weekly star-wars reffing BBQ so far this year. Bring yourself, your mates, your family but dont bring Trent he bullied me in primary school and is banned.

It doesnt mater if you are not a member memberships are avialable on the day for the low price of, $10 thats a hell of a deal T-shirts and singlets are available on the day if your looking to buy one and become a dissappoint ment in your parents eyes