3 years ago

8 October, 2015

Izakaya Hachibeh

Organised by:
Japanese Club

Click "Going" if you are interested!!

Hi guys!
On week10, the week right after the break, we will held an event "NOMIKAI"!!

You wanna know more members? Still haven't met up with new people? You don't even know what you are doing in the kaiwa session?? Just come and show up!! :)

To let everyone involve into this event, we are planning to do some games as well so you should't feel left out!

The NOMIKAI will held at the Japanese retaurant in the city called "IZAKAYA HACHIBEH " on Bourke street!!

We will charge you guys for $10 including several sake and foods for members and $20 for non members!! Will be collecting at the entrance so don't forget to bring cash with u :)

And feel free to invite your friends as well! :)