3 years ago

18 September, 2015

Marche Board Game Cafe

Organised by:
Taiwanese Students Association

親愛的大家~第20屆TSA辦的第一個活動First Members gathering要來啦!歡迎新朋友和老朋友一起來填飽肚子,玩桌遊和唱歌!喜歡玩桌遊的朋友注意囉,總共有92種桌遊供你們選擇!

*Notice: KTV從8:30開始到10:30
如果10:30之後想要續唱的人需要付$50/hr(per room不是per person)或者換成中房間是$40/hr,小房間是$30/hr

HEY HEY YOYO everyone!!! A members gathering event will be held soon! This is definitely a great oppurtunity for you to meet new friends, future boyfriend/girlfriend, study buddy, etccccc!!!

So, drag your friends with you and come have fun with us=)

*Notice: KTV starts from 8:30pm and ends at 10:30pm.
Inform us if you're vegetarian!!(cuz dinner is included)
Time: 18th Sept (Friday) 6:30pm till late
Location : Marche board game cafe
Address : 63 A'Beckett Street
Activity: Delicious Dinner, 92 types of board games & KTV
Price: MEMBER$25 (Dinner included)
NON-MEMBER / WALK IN PRICE $30 (Dinner included)
TWO steps to secure your spot:

Cash: Come to our table in union house
Transfer to MUTSA Bank account AFTER filling out this form:

MUTSA Bank account:
BSB:063 238
Account Number: 1028 3897
Account Name: Society cheque Acct

2. Walk in on that day!! There's no need to collect your ticket. Your name will be on the list if you have already paid. (It's good if you can bring your receipt just in case!)

**We have our table in Union House on Tues, Wed or Thurs from 12pm to 2pm