2 years ago

20 November, 2015

RACC Australia - Migration and Education Services

Organised by:
Taiwanese Students Association

- Are you thinking to apply for TR or PR and require English Test?
- Do you need to get a better result?
- Would you like to know how to get better points?

Learn from someone who has achieved 90 in all bands for PTE Test.

Many people said that it is easier to get marks using PTE test compared to IELTS.

The advantages of PTE Test:

- Register and pay online or by phone up to 24 hours in advance
- Consistency. everything is computerised, Speaking directly to computer and Writing is typing directly to computer so less bias.
- Get your result much faster, up to 5 days, compared to IELTS which is 2 weeks. In 2014, they delivered 85% of scores in two days.
- Frequent, flexible test dates
- One three-our test session

Special Promotion:

- 10% discount on PTE Test, PTE preparation Test Book, and also PTE Preparation Guide book
- FREE TR application*
- Up To $3,000 rebate on Professional Year

Friday 20 Nov 2015

Register here today:


-你在考虑申请TR或是PR, 准备进行英文考试吗?
- 你想要知道怎么样可以得到更多分去申请移民吗?
来问问已经在PTE考试中获得各项90 分的同学吧!
-通过我们报名PTE, 可以得到9折的价格优惠。同样的优惠也会用在买官方书籍
-可以获得最多 3000 澳元的优惠