2 years ago

12 April, 2016

MSD - Melbourne School of Design, meet on ground floor

Organised by:
Mandarin Language Club

Hi all. For those who don't know, we are providing Chinese (Mandarin) lesson for free. Yes, you read it right, for free. Of course, we are all just University students, so our lesson should be fairly relaxed but still useful. If your Chinese skill is on ground zero, why not come and join us? We have a beginner level group just for you. For those who are a little more proficient, we also have an intermediate group.
The basic level group will tackle the Mandarin Romanization, pinyin, and also learn some new greeting phrase.
The intermediate level group will get extracted conversation from dramas and learn new vocabulary from it. This time around we also have additional sentence structuring practice, hope you will like it.
Please tell your friends and friend's friends. We would like to see the room so full that it's packed like a sardine can, and good luck for mid sems.